Animal in YOU. Jessica Ballantyne interviews art psychotherapist Eden O Shoro

Interview with the lovely Eden, an art psychotherapist and Jungian analyst I reveal my inkblot ( which I make live) and Eden dives deep into the animal symbology Eden O Shoro

#ArtandOm Jessica K Ballantyne art

Jessica Ballantyne interviews art psychotherapist Eden O Shoro and gets an inkblot analysis with the help of animal archetypes and Jungian symbolism. Jessica tells Eden what she sees in the inkblot (quite a lot it turns out) and Eden reveals a funny story about some sneaky critters who made a home in her wardrobe in Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California. To complement the animal in You project on Kickstarter, Jessica has invited Eden to give her insights into the unconscious symbolism and animal archetypes found within an individual's inkblot. link: Jessica is offering backers of her original inkblot paintings (klecksographs) an experience with a qualified art psychotherapist, to analyse their interpretation of an inkblot before the artist develops it with oil paint. Books mentioned in the video: Women Who Run With The Wolves, Clarissa Pinkola Estes Animal Speak, Ted Andrews Learn more about Eden and her services here: Check out the Kickstarter, back the project and share:

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