The Art and Om workshop merges the methodologies of Art Psychotherapy, Trauma Informed Expressive Arts and Trauma Sensitive Yoga. This experiential and psycho-educational workshop will demonstrate the combined benefits of integrative expressive art therapies (drama / m...

November 1, 2019

Join Eden for the Art and Om workshop -

have fun making art with Mindfulness.

Discover your creative self and flow.      

Hello my lovely friends old and new. I’m sure most of you know I work with Danni Armstrong and Ferne McCann and I am a member of their...

October 28, 2019

"I participated in the Art and Om workshop with Eden at @sunset_beach_yoga and we took a moment to really get into our bodies and to FEEL the energetic body. Afterwards we got down on the floor and, well, this is me drawing and coloring the energy of my body.⠀

I got...

October 24, 2019

Art has the ability to inspire people and make them see things from a different perspective. Whether it’s painting a portrait, writing a story or playing a piece of music, art stimulates the brain and encourages positive actions in people’s lives.⠀


Art and Om© – 

is a fun and fluid integrative expressive arts workshop which connects the mind and body though creativity.

Merging the holistic methodologies of Yogic practice and Expressive Arts / Art Therapy; active imagination art making, mindful mediatio...

Sometimes it is difficult to find the words to describe your emotions or how you are feeling.

Art has the potential to heal. The art-making process and creative therapies can be a reparative and a holistic approach for people to develop new ways of being and r...

Join us for Art and Om - this fun and fluid expressive arts workshop connects the mind and body though creativity. Combining active imagination art making, mindful mediation,

gentle vinyasa yoga and pranayama to restore and energize - Tap into your creative self and flo...

August 21, 2019

Theatre itself requires a suspension of reality, but here we are lured into the meta-suspension of post-traumatic stress disorder; and the cast and production team have worked with Eden Orfanos-Shoro, an art psychotherapist who has treated many sufferers.


Much of the play is more of a case study than a drama, with most of the characters being mere sketches. True Maverick Media’s production is directed by Toby Clark, whose committed cast make the battle scenes effectively fearsome, and Skylar’s convincing performance as...

Jobs for the homeless

Rising Stars Programme

The Pret Foundation has been around for more than 20 years and has a simple goal: to alleviate poverty by helping to break the cycle of homelessness. Our unique Rising Stars programme offers homeless people real jobs and a rea...

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