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Expressive Arts, Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TSY) and Art Psychotherapeutic Workshops with Eden 


Gain insight and awareness while having fun. Feel revitalised and grounded though these integrative experiential workshops…  


Open to all-

Art and Intuition - Connecting the Mind and Body though Creativity. This fun and fluid workshop encourages flexible and intuitive thinking through active imagination. Explore and discover the mind-body connection though expressive creativity and spontaneous art making. 

Art and Om© - Imaginative, flowing and fun. Integrating Expressive Arts and Yogic practice.

Encouraging active imagination art making, mindful mediation, gentle vinyasa flow yoga and pranayama to restore and energize. 

Creative Self Care - This Healing and Grounding workshop is centred in a nurturing physical practice and art making as an emotional journal. This workshop was created to support those in the caring profession, counsellors / therapists, teachers or those who work with vulnerable people and children.  

Transforming Trauma - Traumatic encounters can be Transformative. Rethink and release challenging or painful experiences through somatic expression and art making. This workshop is offered with a succession of follow on sessions to support a holistic healing journey. 


For Professionals -

Art+Yoga=Plasticity - Integrated Practice through a Neurobiological Lens. Both arts based therapies and Yoga offer agency, non-verbal expression, mind-body integration, 'Left Brain' to 'Right Brain' connection and ‘Top-down / Bottom-up’ processing. Experiential and Pchyco-educational workshop for professionals.

Art as Language - Introduction into Trauma Informed Expressive Arts and Art Psychotherapy. Experiential learning for professionals. Explore the impact of Expressive Arts as a narrative and healing tool. Gain insight and discover innovative techniques to deepen your practice and enrich your client work. 

Open to professionals in the caring profession, counsellors / therapists, SEN teachers, or Yoga instructors and OT / body workers.  

TSY and TIEA - Discover the grounding techniques of Trauma SensitiveYoga (TSY) and Trauma Informed Expressive Arts (TIEA) as a container and healing mechanism. Witness techniques of interiorization and projection, to delicately access embodied trauma and a renewed ability to artistically articulate it. Gain insight and experience the synergy of these mutually beneficial modalities. Discover artistic initiatives and innovative techniques to deepen an embodied practice, enriching transformative trauma therapies.

Eden is available to cultivate unique workshops geared specifically to your client's needs, your corporate group or your working environment.  Sessions can be booked as two hour, half day or full day workshops. Please email your inquires or call to discuss. 


For current workshops please see the Appointments / Bookings page -

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