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"Working with Eden was a privilege. Making art, whatever I wanted, however I wanted, was like nectar. Being held and witnessed by Eden was a very important part of the process which Eden does with an attuned sensitivity and grounded presence. Importantly, this allowed me to relax and unfold into the work and the depth my own process. Doing this specifically through the form of art, and with Eden, was surprising, enjoyable and fruitful."

                                                                                                                          -JC, Choreographer | Movement Director | Yoga


  "The first art therapy experience I had was in a group session with Eden and a couple of her colleagues. Even in the group setting I felt a certain unfolding take place and was surprised at how easily I allowed the art to flow without thinking. It was very powerful, even in the group setting and I had a few insights into myself that were brewing beneath the surface of my thoughts. It was very well explained and participants were encouraged to allow rather than force an outcome. I was surprised to find myself tearful as I spoke about the experience. It was emotional in a very good way; it felt like a bit psychological ‘spring cleaning’. When I went to my first one to one session with Eden, I had did not know exactly what to expect. I was slightly nervous, as I had never done a one to one session with any kind of therapist before. Eden has such a warm, peaceful and lighthearted nature it was easy to relax into the session. The result was very unexpected and deeply moving. I felt a huge release during and after the session, which stayed with me for a few weeks. It’s difficult to explain but creating art without thinking, facilitated by an expert in the field, allowed me to tap into aspects of myself that had been hidden. Being a fine artist, I wasn't sure if art therapy could really benefit me but I discovered the immense power that art therapy has and its amazing tendency to heal. Eden is an excellent catalyst for this discovering and healing process. I am so grateful to her and to the ever-astonishing potential of creativity and art making." 

                                                                                                                          - JB, Fine Artist


  "Although I was initially sceptical about art therapy, Eden made me feel completely at ease when deciding to give it a try. I found our sessions insightful and useful, and Eden's blend of warmth, dedication and professionalism makes her a "must-see" therapist for anyone seeking such an outlet. I wholeheartedly recommend attending one of Eden's one-on-one Art Psychotherapy sessions or her Expressive Arts Workshops."

- JM, Talent Agent 

 "I realised after my first art therapy session with Eden that this was a very powerful tool for healing. The creative process of uninhibited art making, alongside a warm and compassionate facilitator lead to an experience I can only describe as cathartic. It was an opening and releasing of negative energies that I had been subduing for years. Art therapy with Eden has been a very positive and enlightening experience that I will be forever grateful for."

- BB, Visual Artist | Teacher


  "Eden truly is an inspiring woman. Not only does she have the most welcoming and generous character, but she is also empowering to all people around her. She is strong, determined and has an incredible way of turning adversity and serious challenges into positive outcomes. She holds in-depth knowledge as an arts therapist and workshop facilitator, and carries out sessions with great ease and wisdom. I would strongly recommend paying her a visit, it will only enhance and enrichen your life." 

- EL, Film Maker | Creative Director


  "Eden is a very skilled Art Psychotherapist, who has extensive experience. As well as her sound knowledge and experience, Eden has a complimentary mix of leadership qualities and commitment to her work, whether private, charitable or volunteering. I highly recommend Eden! She happens to be very personable and kind too!" 

                                                                                                                                  - K. Lawrence, Director of Counselling at The Haven + London

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