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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Expressive Arts and Art and Om© Workshops 


Do I have to be good at Art? 


You do not need to be good or have any experience at all with art making  to enjoy and benefit Art & Om©. In our workshops we will explore the process of art making not the product or aesthetic. It is actually great if you can be free and not be concerned about what your image looks like; but rather just appreciate playing with the art material or medium.  


I’ve never done Yoga before, is that OK? 


You do not need to have any prior Yoga experience or practice Yoga to enjoy and get benefit of the Art & Om© workshop. Yogic practice goes beyond just putting yourself into a pretzel shape or touching your toes. The Yoga we practice in the workshop is simple, gentle and accessible for every body and all abilities. There are many benefits including; self-regulation, increased focus, rejuvenation and relaxation.


What should I wear to the workshop? 


Please wear what makes you comfortable and something you can move freely in. We work with dry art materials (felt pens, coloured pencils, crayons or chalk) there will be minimum mess, but  you may get a bit on you. In some workshops we sit on the floor - on a Yoga mat or on bolsters. If you are not comfortable on the floor or have mobility differences, a chair will be provided for you.   


Footwear / Can I wear socks?


Sometimes our workshops are held in a Yoga Studio. If so, it is common practice to take your shoes off when entering a Yoga Studio. 


We do move about in our expressive arts and Art & Om© workshops; sometimes bare feet are best, but it depends on the surface of the floor really. 


Do you have a minimum age for this workshop?


Most of the workshops offered are geared towards ‘adult participants. ‘Adult’ meaning, someone who has a certain level of maturity and who is responsible for her or his own decisions and actions. I have many clients who demonstrate mature behaviour as adolescents. Depending on the person, and if they can tolerate adult topics and discussions, we usually have a 15 year age limit for our workshops. 

We do hold workshops specifically for youth which are age appropriate and client dependent. 


Can a care giver come to the workshop? 


In some cases where clients / patients need additional support, caregivers are allowed to attend or in some cases observe. One of our upmost objectives for the workshops we hold, is that we create a safe and nurturing space for everyone to feel free to express themselves and enjoy the creative process. Our space and time together is held in confidentiality and with respect to each others own emotional narrative, personal process and healing journey.  


Follow on support - 


We offer local referrals for therapeutic support after our workshops, or if you wish to go deeper into your self-exploration or healing journey. Eden also offers online therapeutic sessions on Skype or Zoom. Please email or call Eden directly for inquiries.  


Eden herself has created an after care workbook to continue your self-discovery and well-being journey - the Art and Om© Workshop and Retreat Action Guidebook; The Art of Awareness, Insight and Empathy. This is a fun and practical way to keep on track with good mental health practices and support positively shifting your emotional well-being. Backed by science and intuition the Art and Om© 30 day practice book helps guide you to new patterns or thinking, behaving and relating to yourself and others.


Art Psychotherapy


Can I simultaneously have art therapy / art psychotherapy while I am in other counselling or therapy sessions?  


Yes, Art Therapy / Art Psychotherapy can support you while you are engaged in other therapeutic processes. It can help to unblock or unlock repressed emotions or unconscious memories. It is good to keep all of your therapeutic practitioners / counsellors informed of any involvement you may have in mental heath or other alternative practices, or any medications / drugs you are taking.  


Do you see couples? 


Yes, Art Therapy / Art Psychotherapy offers insight and beneficial outcomes as it is a positive ‘action therapy’ and something you and your partner can actively do simultaneously, experience and process together. 

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