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Arrest All Mimics Podcast: Eden Orfanos Shoro

In Episode 14 of AAM, Ben Tallon talks with Eden Orfanos Shoro about her work in Hollywood as a make-up artist and her journey into Art Therapy.

Ben met Eden Orfanos at Second Floor Studios and Arts, where they both hired studio space. Eden, originally from Texas told Ben a few stories about her diverse career and he immediately found her a fascinating character.

She worked for years as a make-up artist in Hollywood on a broad range of projects; including blood for the TV show 'Dexter', make-up on 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' and cadavers for the 'CSI' detective shows. She also worked with the likes of George Clooney, Jude Law and Kristen Stewart, along with set design, stylist and producer roles.

Ben says "It really started to get interesting when she went on to tell me that she grew tired of the more negative tendencies in the Hollywood world, so embarked on a journey to Africa, working with deaf mute children, using art therapy as a form of communication and teaching. Eden is a rare talent with touching and fascinating stories from her unbelievably varied career and I had to record one of our conversations which I can assure you, are always far from dull! Now getting stuck into an art therapy practice, we discuss the extremes of her journey so far, the unexpected routes it has taken her and how she now starts to see much method to seeming madness with the benefit of hindsight.

Eden is a testament to how we all have the scope to shift between the many disciplines in the creative industries with the right mix of personality, patient ability, desire and hard work.

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