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Restorative Justice: Can Art Seek Justice Where the Judicial System Fails?

Yesterday was a great day to learn and to speak at the International Restorative Justice conference @ The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple. Thank you to Restorative Justice For All (RJ4All) International Institute for the platform, and Eden Orfanos for the shot🌻

Conference Theme

It is about time that we stop hiding behind screens and start meeting real people again! This conference aims to do just that by reuniting cultures, minds and hearts through the values of restorative justice. The world has experienced one of the most devastating pandemics, causing multiple consequences for our health, social justice and educational systems. As we get to grips with COVID19's aftermath and how we can support our communities in the years to come, this international conference brings together some of the world's leaders to provide evidence-based solutions on four key overlapping challenges:

  • Gender-based violence in the context of young people

  • Mental health, restorative art and violence

  • Migrants' integration and community cohesion

  • Racism, anti-semitism and hate crimes.


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