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Art and Om: An Embodied Exploration Into Creativity, Curiosity and Compassion, AATA Workshop | SC79

ATTA Conference Theme: Creativity, Curiosity, Compassion

Art and Om Workshop Timeline -1.5 hours

00:01 Welcome. Settle. Mark - Find floor seat on matt or simple folding chair.

Using dry art materials, draw symbol representing self / simple name badge.

00:05 House keeping / safety brief of content and inquires of limitations or differences in mobility.

00:10 About Art and Om - Introduction and Psycho-education in trauma informed embodied practice / Trauma Sensitive Yoga

00:15 Bringing in the Body - Gentle guided movement, Trauma Sensitive Yoga flow asanas / postures for grounding and regulation.

00:20 Yoga Nidra Awareness - Going within Body Scan

00:25 Moulding the Emotions and Somatic Sensations - Art expression with clay / plasticine.

00:40 Coming back to you - being still - Drishti practice

00:45 Energy Body Awareness - Engaging in Energy Arts - Chi Gong / Tai Chi inspired movement.

00:50 Somatic sensation landscape - Drawing the energy of your ‘somatic self’ witnessing your body and feeling the sensations of emotions attached to movement.

01:05 Collective Compassion passage - Gaining empathy and appreciation for the other. Witnessing the work.

01:10 Hand on Heart Pranayama - attuned breathing and being practice. Synergistic experiencing and co-regulating.

01:15 Mediation Mandalas Mark Making - Drawing ‘Self Care’ circles inspired by Pranayama / attuned breathing practice.

01:25 Scrap Paper End - Good Bye - Keep It / Leave It


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