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The Art and Om workshop merges the methodologies of Art Psychotherapy, Trauma Informed Expressive Arts and Trauma Sensitive Yoga. This experiential and psycho-educational workshop will demonstrate the combined benefits of integrative expressive art therapies (drama / movement, visual art) and Yogic practice, through a neurobiological lens, to contribute to identifying symptoms and alleviating the effects of trauma. Experience imaginative expression and contained artistic creation, incorporating a gentle grounding process within a Yogic framework including: Vipassana (mind-body awareness), Yoga Nidra (guided mindful meditation), Pranayama (attuned breathing techniques), and Asanas of Vinyasa Flow (rhythmic movement of physical postures) within a safe healing space. The intention of Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TSY) is to build resiliency and establish greater self-regulation; specifically for clients who suffer with symptoms of PTSD. TSY supports clients to move away from emotional dysregulation and negative visceral responses by offering strategies to feel safe, empowered and self contained. Both arts based therapies and TSY offer agency, non-verbal expression, mindbody integration, ‘Top-down / Bottom-up’ process and an opportunity for prosocial group connection and being witnessed. Dependant on the symptoms or somatic visceral responses, the combination of both practices, when client lead, offer a holistic approach for alleviating the effects of trauma. Discover the use of Drishti (orienting with focal gaze) as a regulatory mechanism, and the practice of Dharma - which encourages interrelatedness, empathy and meaning. Witness techniques of interiorization and projection, in order to delicately access the embodied trauma of pain, and a renewed ability to artistically articulate it - revealing it through a holistic physical practice and contained creative process. Gain insight and experience the synergy of these mutually beneficial modalities. Discover artistic initiatives and innovative techniques to deepen an embodied practice, while empowering and enriching transformative trauma therapies. No artistic skills or yoga experience necessary. ‘Accessible Yoga’ (inclusive for every body and all abilities) will be promoted.

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