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YOGA for Trauma and Transformation: Healing Stress, Anxiety & Creating a More Just World with Ha

The goal of a trauma informed yoga practice is to build resiliency and establish greater self-regulation. It is about feeling safe and at home in our bodies so that we can feel stable, have good self-esteem, and healthy relationships. A trauma informed yoga practice is sensitive to the needs of a participant with trauma symptoms, and offers them tools to feel safe, empowered and self-regulated.

This workshop is for yoga teachers and anyone holding space for people with trauma. Hala will review the physiology of stress and trauma and share some foundational tools for teaching in a trauma sensitive way. These principles are important in all yoga classes, not just ones for survivors of trauma specifically. Ultimately a trauma informed practice is one that invites us to focus on nervous system regulation, not just physical alignment.

Topics covered include he physiology of stress and trauma; the 3 sources of trauma and resilience; tools for discharging traumatic stress from the body; and the main elements of a trauma informed class.

"We need a psychology that breaks our hearts, because only that kind of psychology could awaken us to our entanglements in strategies of dissociation, to the despairs of trauma, to grief from mourning, and to potential joy in restoration and healing." - Towards Psychologies of Liberation (Watkins and Shulman)

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