Eden O Shoro Art Psychotherapy Art Therapy Expressive Arts Harley Street London

Sometimes it is difficult to find the words to describe your emotions or how you are feeling.


It is so important to have a safe space to explore challenges and work through anxiety or stress that might be holding you back. I offer one to one private and confidential talking sessions and also art psychotherapy sessions either at 96 Harley Streetclinic or my Greenwich space or online via Zoom or Skype.


Art has the potential to heal. The art making process and creative therapies can be a reparative and a holistic approach for people to develop new ways of being and relating, while gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of yourself, and building on self-empowerment.


Do I have to be creative or good at art? You do not need to have artistic skills, just a willingness to explore. The art produced in our sessions represents the process not the product. This unique non-verbal therapeutic process promotes discovery and recovery naturally. 

If you are suffering from anxiety, depression, eating disorders, bereavement / loss, relationship or family problems, co-dependency, career issues, or substance misuse, art therapy can help.


My model of practice is person-centred and holistic, informed by Jungian theory. Our sessions are conducted confidentially in a safe and nurturing environment.

Art can Heal. “Art gives a voice to that which cannot be spoken” - Eden O Shoro